DeLar Surfactant / Eliminates Bubbles!

The Original  •  Since 1969  •  Unique Formula


DeLar Surfactant & stone or plaster

DeLar Surfactant decreases the contact angle of stone or plaster mix when lightly sprayed on impressions. And when added to stone mix (two drops per 100 g) the porosity is reduced in the finished model.

DeLar Surfactant & investment

When sprayed on wax patterns prior to investing or added to investment material, the appearance of pitting is eliminated and finer details are achieved.

Available as:

8 fl. oz.(236 ml) spray bottle

32 fl. oz.(944 ml) refill, includes spray applicator bottle

“Precision Techniques”

Sold Only As ‘DeLar” Surfactant

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DeLar Corporation

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Lake Oswego, OR  97034  USA


Working Properties:

•  Eliminates bubble formations

•  Any impression material

  1. Produces finer details

  2. Enables creation of areas of extra hardness

  3. No residue

  4. No erosion

  5. Can be sprayed on wax patterns prior to



  1. Institute tested / published results available

  2. Long shelf life

  3. Saves time

  4. Used sparingly / Saves money

  5. Used worldwide for over 40 years

“Once I spray DeLar Surfactant

  in my impression, I know I’m

  going to get a good model.”

    - Cathy S., Lab Tech., TN

“It works!

    - John B., Lab Tech., OR

“We love it.

    - Dr. Vugteveen, MI

CUSTOMER UPDATE: Several remarkably similar looking products have appeared in the marketplace.

Please Note:     DeLar products are sold only as ‘DeLar’ brand products. Specifying ‘DeLar’ when

                          placing an order can help insure you are receiving genuine DeLar brand products.


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