DeLar Split Cast Model Formers

The Original / Since 1969 / Sold Only As ‘DeLar‘ Split Cast Model Formers


Allows removal of the primary cast from the articulator, for processing, then accurate replacement to the secondary cast.

Use when:

•   fabricating bite planes,

  1. precision attachments,

  2. crown & bridge wax ups

  3. partials,

  4. check bite mounting,

  5. processing and remounting dentures

Available in Regular or Magnetic

Easily incorporate using the DeLar Split Cast Formers as you pour your models.

• Easy-to-Use

• Includes DeLar Surfactant(eliminates bubbles) & DeLar Easy-Sep(stone-on-stone separator)

  1. As a set: comprised of Large & Small sizes. Or single size separately: Small or Large only.

   Parts also available separately.

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CUSTOMER UPDATE:  Several remarkably similar looking products have appeared in the marketplace.

Please Note:     DeLar products are sold only as ‘DeLar’ brand products. Specifying ‘DeLar’ when

                          placing an order can help insure you are receiving genuine DeLar brand products.


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