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  1. Using only materials which are recyclable

  2. The Originals

  3. Used Worldwide

  4. Since 1969

  5. Made in the U.S.A.

  6. Supporter of Green Energy | Wind & Solar Power

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The Originals / Since 1969

Sold Only As ‘DeLar’ Products

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Precise    /    Independently tested    /    Easy-to-Use

  1. Chemically formulated

  2. Tested for compatibility

  3. Used worldwide

  4. Reviewed by independent non-profit dental education and product testing institutes

  (For copies of published results, please inquire.)

DeLar products offer powerful tools to dentists and dental professionals.

Made of the finest materials available, storing and using DeLar products according to manufacturer’s instructions is key.


  Several remarkably similar looking products have appeared in the marketplace.

  Specifying ‘DeLar’ when ordering will help ensure you are receiving genuine DeLar


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